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Our ambition is to provide industry of all sizes with highest quality of metadata solutions to accelerate digital transformation.

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launch uniieq

Exciting News: We at ENP Technologies are thrilled to announce the debut launch of UNIIEQ (Universal Industrial Equipment), a Master Data Management solution built on Blockchain.

Following our selection by the Shell GameChanger innovation program, we have worked tirelessly to bring a disruptive solution that aims to revolutionize the way master data gets consumed.

We are established as a managed service provider in both the USA and India, delivering solutions for IT in the Oil & Gas Industry.
We provide a comprehensive variety of solutions that are tailored specifically towards increasing productivity from supply chain control of assets like inventory and materials all the way to information about drilling rig operations on offshore platforms and monitoring fuel consumption levels across multiple sites. By Incorporating Industrial IoT technology in upstream, midstream, and downstream scenarios for oil & gas services, we can accelerate your business processes toward Industry 4.0 standards.

About Us

ENP Technologies is focused on delivering innovative solutions that give you a competitive edge and prime your project for success. By combining superior technology with engineering services, stellar project management, and proactive maintenance, ENP Technologies offers field-proven operational efficiency, safety, quality, and reliability.
We provide innovative engineering solutions that include Information Technology, Plant Automation, and Information Management. Our team is experienced in various industries and we have a solid foundation in Energy, Utilities, Manufacturing, Facilities, Pharma/Bio Sciences, Mining/ Metals, Chemicals, Oil & Gas.
Our goal is to bring your business into the “smart” era of Industry 4.0. Using managed IT services to connect and collate information, your business will be enhanced with cloud applications, digitalization of processes, and a clear overview of each stage of your value chain.
Shell Game Changer Logo

Shell Game Changer Selected ENP Technologies to develop a blockchain based solution to facilitate the use of master data across the energy industry.

What We Do

Our Service Provided

We Accelerate and Enhance Your Business Outcomes with Our Domain-Proficient and Experienced Consultancy.​

IIoT & Industry 4.0

We provide services and solutions for Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Digitalization work that many manufacturing industry assets have as a high priority.

Information Management (IM) Services

Capital Project Information Management, Completion & Close Out. Project Information Deliverables Transition to Operations – Run & Maintain Systems.

Digitalization & Cloud Services

IT Offshore Services, Support for Infrastructure, Applications and Software Development We deliver robust, scalable, reliable solutions, services to clients across the globe.


Decentralized and Open Solutions for highly scalable, online, transparent, immutable, validated, digital solutions that interoperates with other system.

Master Data Management

Provide industry of all sizes with highest quality of metadata solutions to accelerate digital transformation

Operations Landscape

We develop Operations Landscape Layout with Integration and Interfaces between systems to develop seamless flow of Information and data for Smooth Operations

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