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How you Track Overall Progress in Capital projects – Good to know

Capital Projects

Capital Projects are large-scale, long-term, capital cost-intensive project investments. They often involve more planning and resources than other projects.

Planning for handover starts from the early stages of capital projects. In capital projects, the handover or asset transfer process at closeout happens between the Delivery / Project Team and the Receiving/ Operations Team. It includes various physical equipment, assets, tools, facilities, Documents, drawings, contracts, processes, resources & responsibilities.

Handover Plan and Matrix

Generally, the handover matrix is followed across the teams to track the delivery. A crucial question arises with what remains and how much is still left to be done with various disciplines involved, something that can be managed through IIoT and IT outsourcing.
A Handover Plan/ Project Close-out Plan captures elements of critical path tasks.
In a Capital Project life cycle structure, cost and staffing levels decline during the project’s closing. These are significant challenges when the Sponsor/ Project Manager wants to close the Project and yet unsure of what is still remaining.
Minor yet critical dependent tasks not yet addressed pose a major threat towards closing the project. It may require rework and search for crucial resources. At that stage, Capital Project Manager needs clarity from across disciplines which can only be easily achieved through Industrial IoT.


Project Needs 

● Where do we stand in terms of Handover?
● How long we need to travel to complete the handover.
● How to identify the Complete handover requirements
● To align all the efforts for closeout.
● Monitoring progress to reach completion
Completion and closeout needs are planned earlier to capture the perimeter of handover, assess the impacted areas in greenfield/ brownfield projects.

Overall, construction progress is visible and quantified, but the virtual progress of associated tasks is more challenging to quantify and needs tracking across teams.

The running and maintenance areas of the asset drive the operational needs. It is necessary to list various activities for handover.

● Systems Handover
● Applications Impacted
● Documents Handover
● Startup Readiness

Tracking Handover

How do you Track Activity & Overall Progress in Capital projects?

● Capture progress from various sources

● Map sources, reflect overall progress & outstanding activities.
● View the lag/ lead-in activities
● Assign weight-age to sources to create overall progress.
● Highlight how much more project needs to travel before closing.
● Information / Data Sources are essential.
● Systems Handover – Inspection Test Record [Category A- for Mechanical Completion checks/ Inspection; Category B – for pre-commissioning checks/ Inspection]
● Construction Progress / Mechanical Completion
● Document Handover – QA/QC status of documents received/ accepted/ rejected
● Run & Maintain Application & Data Handover Status based on before startup & after startup requirements. Individual and cumulative progress.

Tracking progress online through cloud applications and providing options for different stakeholders towards the respective update. This reflects cumulative overall progress.

Updates reflect immediately and keep the content dynamic. There are different ways this framework can be achieved (SharePoint site or SSRS). These tools are very effective for managing and controlling the status of handover.
For a Capital project, PM should establish a dashboard that could monitor progress against KPI metrics on closing the project to asset handover gap.

Project to Operations

This framework and supporting tools can be replicated and used in other greenfield or Brownfield projects as a Project to Operation handover approach. Using information technology to your advantage helps to avoid remediation costs in the project Operate phase (often these are millions in a capital project). With increase of data there is always opportunity to improve project performance and facility management. The digital assets are documents, data, drawings, models.

The value then lies in the fact that if not intervened, there could be a risk of delayed transition/sign-off. That has related costs implications and damage to reputation etc., a lot of rework to be done after start-up which could easily reach $1M+ as seen in other projects.

Overall it improves the quality of handover. Identifying Scope accurately and tracking completions have tremendous benefits for successful completion.

Our Approach

As a managed Service Provider ENP Technologies provides various services, resources (Project Information Management Lead, Data Controller, Document Controller, CAD Operator/ Draftsman) and solutions.

ENP Technologies strongly believes that in capital projects completion & handover can be highly optimized.

With every previous project our experts have innovated options to reduce cost and improve quality.

Our team members were involved towards successful handover from Project to Operations for various Projects.

We have been developing different ways to improve best practices to channelize handover.

Understand Customer needs – To develop solution that meet the scope, has improved quality and reduce cost to project

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