Real Time Production Data

Production Data management

Real Time Production Data Management The manufacturing assets/ Refinery/ Chemical Plants produce various type of real time process data related to production, pressure, temperature, level indicators, etc. through sensors at plant floors.  Across a diverse range of industries historian is used to collect and store process data in real time. The time series data structure […]
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Engineering Data and Drawing

Engineering Document and Data Management System

Engineering Asset Information Management system captures various discipline documents, metadata and drawings including vendor data books. The documents and data are prepared to be uploaded in bulk as a package that includes as load sheets, along with the document content files for loading the New Documents Document Attributes Document to Asset Relationships for Functional Locations […]
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OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness

For organization to meet the current and future needs of growing customer base and market, there is imminent need to understand operational effectiveness at manufacturing sites.  The metrics/ areas of focus are Operational Availability, Production Capability, and Quality Manufacturing processes often have an ERP based Process Order to start the process and end the process. […]
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Capital Projects Capital Projects are large-scale, long-term, capital cost-intensive project investments. They often involve more planning and resources than other projects. Planning for handover starts from the early stages of capital projects. In capital projects, the handover or asset transfer process at closeout happens between the Delivery / Project Team and the Receiving/ Operations Team. […]
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OPC UA Information Technology Services

IIoT Digitalization & OPC UA OPC UA functionality enables the Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Digitalization work that many Manufacturing or Oil & Gas industry assets have as a high priority. The real-time data captured is often historized and highly beneficial to determine the cause or troubleshooting. Manufacturing assets can make the most of the data […]
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