Oil & Gas Segments We Serve

upstream oil and gas technology,
  • Develop High-level Solutions. Seismic Data Acquisition.
  • Interpretation setup with high compute Infrastructure.
  • Manage Rig IT Deployment and real-time data Support.
  • Production Data visualization & management.
  • Services for Upstream Transformation to digital oilfield.
  • IM handover for Capital Projects including inspection and spares management.
  • Oil & Gas IT Services,
  • Support Trading on a 24*7 basis. Shipping, Logistics, Supply Chain, Trading, Billing & Scheduling, Track Oil Movements/ Quality.
  • Automation / SCADA & IT support towards storage terminals and outlets.
  • Information Management, Engineering Documentation, GIS, Emergency Response, Management of Change, Gov Reporting, API regulations,
  • Automated alerts for Offshore and Onshore Pipelines (Crude or Gas).
  • Downstream
  • Plan/ Optimize Solutions for Manufacturing is supported by our professionals in various areas.
  • Engineering Data Warehouse setup, Engineering Design, Construction Drawings, Process Controls, 3D Modelling, Commission and Operations Readiness.
  • Our teams support the Integrated Production module for real-time operations, monitoring, prediction, optimization. Lab Sampling and Tracking for all areas of Real-Time and Safe Production for Maintenance and Logistics Tracking.
  • ENP Technologies

    Who We Are

    ENP Technologies is focused on delivering innovative solutions that will help you to gain a competitive edge and success through digitalization, information management, and cloud services for business continuity. Combining superior technology with engineering services, project management, and maintenance, ENP Technologies delivers field-proven operational efficiency, safety, quality, and reliability.

    We provide strategic advice & consultancy on IT & Managed Services to the Global Oil & Gas Industry to create and implement future-ready solutions. From upstream to trading and refining to marketing, we help companies across the value chain. We bring a full range of IT & IM services for an energy transformation in an increasingly digital world.

    We provide a range of IT Managed Services and Solutions, with team members who understand the industry and issues that energy companies face.

    We provide engineering solutions, including Information Technology, Plant Automation, Information Management Innovative solutions with our experienced team for various industries including our solid foundation in Energy, Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream). We constantly plan ahead and look to future success for our customers with an Industry 4.0 mindset.

    enp energy platform,

    ENP Technologies Foundation

    ENP Technologies believes in an honest and transparent approach with solutions tailored to each business. Combined with effective teamwork, we are consistently striving for innovation and our team is committed to delivering excellent end results.

    ENP Technologies believes that strong core values are a “must” for any organization to be in good shape. Our propensity to follow these values helps us to gain deferential success.