ENP Technologies


We provide consultancy and manpower on IT & Managed Services to the Global Oil & Gas Industry to create and implement future-ready solutions. Covering all aspects of IT in the Oil & Gas Industry from upstream to trading and refining to marketing, we help companies across the value chain.
Creating digital solutions for today and tomorrow, we build a digital business case by extracting data from legacy systems to identify new opportunities, progressively digitizing processes through automation technology and cloud applications.

Industrial Manufacturing

We provide effective production optimization and assessment solutions. Enterprise Solutions comprising of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Cyber-Security, IT-OT, IIoT, Cloud Solutions, and Digitalization.

IIoT and The Digital Oilfield are a key part of our vision to provide a smarter, more sustainable way for oil and gas companies to operate. We help clients get ahead of the curve by adopting these technologies in their own business operations through innovative solutions that drive efficiencies and productivity while delivering safety, security, and scalability.

Information & Technology

In IT-based Consulting Services, we develop software using best practices of Agile methodologies – gathering, planning, and analyzing the requirement, designing the application, and writing the best suitable code. We also provide 24/7 application support and maintenance to our clients. We provide a wide variety of customer support including 3rd party applications support and maintaining vendor relationships. This allows businesses to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Non- Profit Organisation

We help Non-Profit Organizations adopt new solutions, develop technology strategy and plans. We enhance deliveries and outreach by aligning with market standards, further bolstering the position of the NPOs. In doing so we are able to provide a full range of services that span from strategy through implementation.


We accelerate and optimize financial processes within the oil and gas industry by using managed technology to provide a digital version of the company. Tracking every aspect of production and supply through automated systems ensures that finances are easily monitored. Complete technology strategies are developed and we enhance deliveries and outreach by staying up to date with the latest trends within the market while ensuring compliance with the required level of data collection.