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Press Release : ENP Technologies Announces the Launch of UNIIEQ


HOUSTON, TX — Continuing its trajectory of developing innovative solutions in the IT realm, ENP Technologies announces the debut of UNIIEQ – Universal Industrial Equipment. UNIIEQ is a transparent and decentralized Master Data Management platform, fortified by Blockchain technology. It aims to offer businesses a straightforward way to improve the organization, flow, and quality of equipment metadata. This can lead to process improvements and economic gains, especially when dealing with fragmented and incongruent data sets.

The solution was developed in cooperation with the Shell GameChanger, an innovation program that works with start-ups and businesses on unproven early-stage ideas that have the potential to impact the future of energy. Shell GameChanger supported the team at ENP Technologies with crafting a disruptive solution to master data consumption, with the potential to be used in the energy sector.

To prove its commitment to industry-wide integration, ENP Technologies is launching a Pilot Program. This initiative seeks to onboard key stakeholders—specifically, manufacturers and suppliers of industrial equipment—to propel UNIIEQ to its full operational potential.

Reflecting on the journey leading up to UNIIEQ’s release and its underlying vision, Pranav Tiwari, Chief Executive of ENP Technologies, comments: “A solution truly by Industry for Industry.”

Unique to its design, UNIIEQ caters to facilitate enterprises regardless of their scale. From startups navigating their initial growth spurts to multinational corporations overseeing massive operations, ENP Master Data Management is crafted to adapt and deliver optimal results.

As businesses become more digital, metadata plays a leading role: it forms the foundational bedrock for enterprise asset management solutions, influencing several key aspects. UNIIEQ plans to lead standardization and a single version of truth for everyone in the value chain – suppliers, resellers, logistics, and customers. UNIIEQ aims to accelerate these digital transformations, supplying industries with a reliable and streamlined mechanism for metadata collection, validation, and implementation.

With eyes set on the global landscape, ENP Technologies is targeting a diverse audience spectrum, encompassing sectors such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Manufacturing, EPC, and many more.

Here are some highlights of UNIIEQ:

  • Standardization: UNIIEQ plans to lead standardization and a single version of truth of Industrial Equipment’s for everyone in the value chain – suppliers, resellers, logistics, and customers.
  • Increased visibility: Joining this platform as a supplier, will enhance your visibility among potential customers who are searching for industrial equipment.
  • Ease of uploading: UNIIEQ will make it easy for suppliers to publish their products/ equipment by utilizing UNIIEQ’s data scrapers.
  • Suppliers have ease to share once & publish the metadata on UNIIEQ Blockchain, that way they do not have to provide the same data to Individual Companies.
  • Ease of uploading equipment metadata into the ERPs of Individual Companies.
  • Search and filter equipment data: Users can search for specific equipment or filter the equipment data based on various criteria, such as equipment type, manufacturer, country of origin, etc.

UNIIEQ’s value proposition does not only depend on its technical prowess. Its release also signifies a collaborative endeavor that bridges the gap between data producers and consumers. As such, its launch invites participation from a range of industry players: engineers, logistics experts, buyers, supply chain professionals, and beyond.

ENP Technologies will take UNIIEQ and the master data management solution to a global launch. ENP Technologies will collect metadata from various sources; validate and explore further commercial rollout on the longer term.

About ENP Technologies

Houston-based ENP Technologies is positioned at the crossroads of innovation and operations efficiency. With a robust portfolio encompassing Information & Data Management, their expertise spans domains like Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Equipment Supply Chain, Energy, and Utilities. UNIIEQ is their latest offering, ushering in a new era for data management.

For detailed insights or collaboration opportunities, visit www.enptechnologies.com or www.uniieq.com.

Press Contact:

Pranav Tiwari 

ENP Technologies, pranav@enptechnologies.com


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