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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – Learn How to Use It Right

For organization to meet the current and future needs of growing customer base and market, there is imminent need to understand operational effectiveness at manufacturing sites.  The metrics/ areas of focus are Operational Availability, Production Capability, and Quality

Manufacturing processes often have an ERP based Process Order to start the process and end the process. Along with capturing real-time data from manufacturing assets & equipment.

# Digitalization

With digitalization, Asset performance monitoring, IoT enabled condition monitoring being a pressing need there is focus to minimize the need for manual input of data & information – requires little or no intervention to assign loss/ reason codes associated with Availability, Capability, Quality.

Synchronize manufacturing operations with back-office business processes using standardized data with information that is meaningful and actionable drives essential business decisions, eliminating data redundancy using standardized reporting metrics and KPI calculation methods across manufacturing sites.

# OEE Solutions

Various OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) solutions help to measure and analyze plant performance, both historically and in real time, using common data sources that offer equipment availability, performance, and quality metrics.

Among different OEE Solutions, few solutions have additional modules to do energy management. As 40 % of the operating cost of manufacturing assets are due to energy consumption, there is a growing need for the process of tracking and optimizing the consumption to conserve usage. To identify optimization in equipment schedules, downtimes, production rates to improve energy efficiency.

There are various OEE Systems /solutions working closely with the manufacturing environment to improve the productivity, quality, reduce downtime. Our team of experts provide support to deploy, migrate, Integrate with operations landscape. With IIoT we migrate the legacy systems to OPC UA based

As a managed service provider, we offer:

  • Setup of OEE Systems/ Solutions Including Plant Automation with IIoT
  • To migrate from existing OEE Solution to New OEE Solution including migrating Classic OPC to OPC UA
  • Setup /Migrate Database from or to Oracle including SAP MII
  • Develop Integration scripts, Interfaces, applications for OEE, OPC UA and models
  • And much more