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IIoT Digitalization & OPC UA

OPC UA functionality enables the Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Digitalization work that many Manufacturing or Oil & Gas industry assets have as a high priority. The real-time data captured is often historized and highly beneficial to determine the cause or troubleshooting. Manufacturing assets can make the most of the data to improve production efficiency, reduce waste, improve quality, reduce downtime, increase automation, enhance productivity and predictability.

The advantage with OPC UA is that the field sensors, instruments, and related devices interconnected PLC or DCS can be connected to various manufacturing and energy management applications. Information technology with OPC UA as the underlying protocol makes it feasible to connect the Plant DCS to a cloud environment to analyze and facilitate production and efficiency index in the OEE dashboard. Cloud services for business continuity enhance performance, but the data must be available in the first instance to maximize the benefits.

Digital Information Management

The legacy protocol (OPC) has been around for decades, with the convergence of OT-IT data in Plant Networks. Connecting IIoT application and data gives the opportunity to capture the power of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data analytics with the data stream. It taps the potential of the technology to put the solution together, making the most of the data stream with faster decisions and quick responses.

There are ways to set up OPC UA across Industrial automation. A high-performance wrapper can be used for classic OPC products to become OPC UA connections. This is a cost-effective way for the latest upgrades to be explored to introduce the OPC UA compliant versions. The digital manufacturing ecosystem is developing and it is necessary to identify the underlying stability while selecting the options.

IT OT Convergence IIoT
IT OT Convergence

IT Solutions for IIoT

These IIoT platforms are various contributing digital technologies as components of Industry 4.0 that could reduce human intervention.
Protocol (OPC UA) offers advanced encryption, authentication, certificates, and other cybersecurity counter-measures.
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As a managed service provider, we offer:
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● Develop applications for OPC UA and models
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