ENP Technologies

We are a business focused on technology management, Solution facilitation, digital strategies & transformation. ENP Technologies is a Houston based Technologies company provides innovative Information Technology (IT) solutions including Information & Data Management, with solid foundation in Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Catalyst and Utilities to create and implement future-ready solutions. ENP Technologies’ ambition is to provide industry of all sizes with highest quality of metadata solutions to accelerate digital transformation.
We are a business focused on technology management, consulting, and outsourcing. Specializing in providing best-fit IT and cloud computing solutions to growing organizations, our IT outsourcing service means you can expect 24/7 help desk support, device and application management, and network setup and security. We also offer C-level consulting to help determine custom best-fit solutions for your business

Oil & Gas Segments We Serve


  • Seismic Data – We manage the Database and migrate large data sets across cloud for virtualization. Assessment of database structure, identify the core problem, and develop a plan to support.
  • Interpretation setup with high compute Infrastructure.
  • Manage Rig IT Deployment and real-time data Support.
  • Production Data visualization & management.
  • Digital oilfield transformation.
  • IM handover for Capital Projects including inspection and spares management.
  • Midstream

  • Information Management, Engineering Documentation, GIS, Emergency Response, Management of Change, Gov Reporting, API regulations,
  • Commissioning, Right of Way, Permits
  • Support Trading on a 24*7 basis. Shipping, Logistics, Supply Chain, Trading, Billing & Scheduling, Track Oil Movements/ Quality.
  • Automation / SCADA & IT support towards storage terminals and outlets.
  • Automated alerts for Offshore and Onshore Pipelines (Crude or Gas).
  • Downstream

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Solutions to measure and analyze plant performance for Manufacturing
  • Engineering Data Warehouse setup, Engineering Design, Construction Drawings, Process Controls, 3D Modelling, Commission and Operations Readiness.
  • Our teams support the Integrated Production module for real-time operations, monitoring, prediction, optimization. Lab Sampling and Tracking for all areas of Real-Time and Safe Production for Maintenance and Logistics Tracking.
  • Capital Project

    We specialize in managing the digital asset from cradle to grave for both Greenfield and Brownfield Capital Projects. Data Consolidation, Analytics, and extraction for operational systems. Expertise in capturing the missing metadata and populate the gaps for operations.

    ENP Technologies believes that in capital projects completion & handover can be highly optimized. With every previous project, our experts have innovated options to reduce cost and improve quality. Our team members have experience in the successful handover from Project to Operations for multiple Projects. We have developed different ways to improve best practices to channelize handover for Downstream – Brownfield Projects.

    Our objective for capital projects is to conduct the timely completion and handover of Project assets. This includes the documents, data, and related updates for respective systems.

    Industrial Automation

    • We offer products & solutions in industry & government sectors with a specialization in Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), SCADA, Wireless Communication.
    • Our skilled team provides Consulting for Design, Engineering, Procurement, Inspection, Erection, Commissioning, Documentation, and Required Detailing.

    • Provide Industrial solutions in Telemetry, Interface/Signal conversion, Fiber Optics, Process Data Security solutions.

    • We develop sustainable solutions and deploy them with a professional approach that guarantees the most cost-effective solution to every requirement.

    Rig IT Support

    • Development of robust IT & communications plans
    • Software and service deployment.
    • Real-time mud-logging and data management
    • Remote monitoring, Data/ Voice Network, Radio Communication
    • Aligning Architecture, Cyber-Security, Drilling Plan, communication plan, business engagement

    Our expertise is in developing robust IT & Communication plans, supporting various offshore/onshore rigs/ FPSO for Exploration & Production. We standardize and deploy software and services for multiple wells.With real-time data management and remote monitoring, the safety and efficiency of each rig are assured. Whenever improvements & corrective actions are required, we provide access to all the relevant data to facilitate fully informed decision-making.