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Production Data management

Real Time Production Data Management

The manufacturing assets/ Refinery/ Chemical Plants produce various type of real time process data related to production, pressure, temperature, level indicators, etc. through sensors at plant floors.  Across a diverse range of industries historian is used to collect and store process data in real time. The time series data structure records data from process control systems ( ex. PLC, DCS) into a very compressed database as archives. That gives abilities for Plant Operations and maintenance teams to visualize real time data as well as easily look back at historical data (years ago). This gives ability to visualize data for better business decisions for performance improvement, product quality, asset management, analyze actionable data. There are various benefits of the real time data in refinery operations to see corrosion damage, performance analysis, identify production quality issues, hydrocarbon allocation, improve equipment reliability & availability.

Following best practices, we follow Tag naming convention that helps to assign Tag name with  unique storage place in Historian System for a specific stream of data


  • A flow rate from a flowmeter
  • Pump running state/valve position
  • A controller’s mode of operation
  • The batch number of a product
  • Text comments from an operator
  • The results of a totalizer or calculation
Process Graphics

Our team provides support for Historian management across various most popular options being OSI Soft PIAspen IP21.

Our expertise is in managing historian server setup, historian database management, Interface & server connections, tag management, attributes, point properties, visualization tools, historical data migration, archiving, Interfaces with other systems like quality data from LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), OEE, Shift Reports, Operator Rounds, Alarms Management System, Manufacturing Optimization tools, data analytics/ warehouse.

We also develop hierarchy using Asset framework, Develop and migrate graphics/ schematics.

Feel free to connect with us and we will be glad to help you in setup, migration or transition from legacy to the latest OPC UA based IIoT environment.

Real Time Alarm & Events Management System

Like real time production data, the alarm and events are also captured in real time from the plant network that helps to optimize plant performance.  Alarms & Events Management System collects and stores alarm and event data from the Control Systems automation system with visualization of current and historical alarms  as performance indicator reports.  The major factors driving alarm management are the

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety Improvement
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Faster Recovery from Abnormal Situations
  • Increase Equipment Reliability/Decrease Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce Environmental or Equipment Excursions

Our teams provide expertise in managing alarm systems and related migration activities. We support for alarms rationalization, classification, and bulk upload into systems. We do conduct assessment of Alarm system improvement with Operator actionable alarm analysis, top alarms, etc.

Bad Actors in Alarms
  • Establish Alarm Philosophy
  • Benchmark the Alarm System (Metrics and Measurement System)
  • Identify, Analyze and Reconcile Bad Actors
  • Document and Rationalize Alarms
  • Audit DCS for Exceptions to the MAD, Ensure a Match
  • Implement Static / Dynamic Suppression
  • Conduct Regular Alarm System Health Checks

Setting up Alarms management system brings tremendous value by allowing visibility to alarms and events for various team members across production & maintenance teams. This effectively ended frustrations with inability to obtain data. Access to Alarms data enhances production team to analyze the data and use it to improve process and Plant Safety.

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