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How can metadata on blockchain help reduce costs in shipping industry – Learn How to Use It Right

Picture a scenario where every transaction, every container, and everymile traveled is seamlessly interconnected through the blockchain. It’s asymphony of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. Consider the impact on dispute resolution. No longer willdisputes linger in the murky waters of uncertainty. Blockchain’s immutableledger ensures that every detail, every agreement, is etched in digital stone.Disputes are swiftly […]

Press Release : ENP Technologies Announces the Launch of UNIIEQ


HOUSTON, TX — Continuing its trajectory of developing innovative solutions in the IT realm, ENP Technologies announces the debut of UNIIEQ – Universal Industrial Equipment. UNIIEQ is a transparent and decentralized Master Data Management platform, fortified by Blockchain technology. It aims to offer businesses a straightforward way to improve the organization, flow, and quality of […]

Press Release: ENP Technologies Selected by Shell Game Changer

ENP Master Data Newsletter

Oct 01, 2022 (Houston, TX) – ENP Technologies LLC, a Houston based technologies company has been selected by Shell Game Changer to develop a blockchain-based solution to facilitate the use of master data across the energy industry. ENP Technologies was selected after in depth review by Shell GameChanger from various solutions submitted for a public […]